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Monday, 08 August 2011 21:43
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We will recommend good value properties- New Houses- for purchase. This will include engagement of REINZ  Professionals who are bound by the REINZ Code of Agency Practice and recommendation to Licensed Financial Advisors when applicable.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 19:58
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WAML focuses on projects that seek to strengthen individual and institutional capacities through review, technical support and training.  A large part of our services are aimed at strengthening the capacity of academic institutions, technical institutes, government organizations and individuals enabling them to design and promote more effective education systems. This is done through several methods including:

  • train the trainer processes (initially done in New Zealand but more often now done in the local environment);
  • direct engagement;
  • discussion papers;
  • Facilitating engagement with experts and initiating implementation.

We also look to build inter-institutional linkages between New Zealand institutions and overseas education providers to share experiences and knowledge recognizing that answers often come from an exchange of ideas rather than a prescribed solution.

WAML seeks to match New Zealand capability in curriculum development, training and professional development, with the needs of its international clients. It currently maintains a database of NZ expertise that is experienced at transferring knowledge from a particular curriculum while adapting it to the local context. Much of this expertise is obtained from experienced ex principals and established trainers in New Zealand. We have also identified potential partners within New Zealand’s public and private sector which can provide niche, specialized training programs for senior management and public servants, either in the client’s own country or in New Zealand.

How things work?

We do needs analysis and then tailor a response according to a client’s requirement. WAML handles all sourcing, verification and management of expertise required by the client ensuring that there is continuity and connection between needs and outcomes. Consultants and education providers will also be trained on cultural issues to ensure there is effective communication and long term commitment to the client’s needs.

The areas we can help you with include:

  • Teacher Training (including Early Childhood)
  • Vocational Training (including Nursing)
  • School Setup and international benchmarking
  • Setup of academic and vocational program partnerships
  • Train the trainers
  • Curriculum Development
  • Set Up of Offshore Educational Institutions
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Development
  • Government Liaison
  • Facilitate Seminars & Workshops For Professional Development Of Public Officials
  • International Networking and Knowledge Events
  • Capability Building
  • Human Development
  • Sustainable Technology Transfer
  • Economic Development


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Study/Technical Tours

Tuesday, 21 June 2011 20:01
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Since people learn better by observing and interacting, it is important for our clients to visit New Zealand and see for themselves how things are done in organizations of interest to them. We specialise in organising study tours into New Zealand whereby groups of senior officials from international organizations can be brought to NZ to undertake benchmarking exercises, job-specific training, leadership training and other tailor made programmes.  This may include workshops, tours of universities/polytechnics/factory/office locations, and meeting with experts in their field. Courses are often run by professionals well known within New Zealand and internationally. WAML provides a comprehensive solution from basic travel arrangements through to sourcing the right appointments based on clients needs.

The services we provide include:

  • short term training programs for officials of organizations and/or governments
  • short visits to New Zealand for international students



Why Work With WAML

Tuesday, 21 June 2011 20:02
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WAML’s unique structure enables it to access a large pool of world class experts & consultants who are always willing to take on challenges and assist our international clients find simple solutions to complex problems. Consultants/experts associated with WAML include experts from New Zealand universities, Institutes of Technologies and the private sector. WAML has a good database of professionals from within New Zealand that it can activate with sufficient speed.  We look to tailor solutions to client needs.