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Saturday, 18 June 2011 10:18
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Food Products from New Zealand
The range consists of delicious European style desserts, a selection of instant whipped creams suitable as toppings and /or fillings for desserts and cakes, bread mixes, baking mixes, spices and herbs, deserts, instant yogurts, coffees, whey protein mixes, honey, dry fruits, organic foods and similar products along with Whole and Instant Skim milk powders in retail packs.

Food Products from Vietnam . Sri Lanka and Ghana
Rice/ Desiccated Coconut / Tapioca / Raw Cashew Nuts/ Shea /Tea

From Myanmar, Fiji and Ghana
Teak, Logs ,Mahogony

Whilst our product range is diverse, we have followed the philosophy that in any product we deal in, we engage specialists, who can find best practice solutionsand not just source and supply of product. Our relationship with customers or with suppliers is never to offer product we are not able to provide by specification. We have a due diligence process in place.